Ton Up Columbus

I recently heard about Ton Up Columbus from a friend of mine. He said they host a monthly bike night aimed at vintage cafes, brats and bobbers. So I headed to Dublin to check it out. It's always great encounter old bikes and new faces. It's also nice to find bike nights that aren't just a bunch of leathered up do rags pretending to be one percenters (no offense to any leathered up do raggers. . . or real one percenters).  When I pulled in and found the only remaining parking space, I was approached by a 6'9" gentleman with very nice shoes.  He turned out to be David Call, the event organizer.  How many bike nights have you been to that the event organizer comes out personally to welcome you?  I thought it was pretty nice.

Overall; a very cool event. Everyone was very friendly and into wrenching and riding. I missed out on most of this season with these guys, so I look forward to hooking back up with them next season.
If you're local, or just interested, check out their Facebook page at: facebook.com/tonupcolumbus


Larry Augenstein - Sled City Fiberglass

While taking my son on a slow cruise through the country, we came across a creek. My son wanted to throw rocks in so we stopped for a break. A guy in a passing car stopped to look at the bike. We got to chatting and he said he has an old pan head at his shop up the road. After my son cleared the road side of every pebble he could find, we headed up to the shop to check it out.

When I stepped inside the shop, it became apparent that bikes aren't his only vice. It turns out that he has been drag racing since the 60's and has a business making fiberglass replacement parts for old Mopars.
The shop was full of old race cars, trophies, current projects, fiberglass hoods, and even a few donkeys

The Pan is also very cool. It's a 64 that he bought in 75 as a club bike with a 12 over springer. The bike has had numerous transformations over the years, but I really dig its current state. Clean and simple, hot rod black with pinstriping, foot clutch/hand shift. Beautiful.

Larry is a great guy and full of awesome stories. I will definitely be back in the near future.
Check out the Sled City Website at www.sledcityevents.com